Sunday, December 20, 2009

Windstream Fax to Email

Windstream offers fax to email solutions. What they have is not a piece of software, rather a fax to email service in the same fashion as other services such as Ringcentral Fax or MyFax. Although the brand Windstream is not yet as known as its competitors it seems they are bringing competitive prices, which go as lo as $9.99 in their cheapest fax package which lets you send/receive 300 faxes per month.

Unlike other shady companies, they are not adding any fee for setting up the account and you also get a toll-free number upon signing up.

Features include cover page editor, 24/7 customer assistance, wireless access via PDF, phone or laptop, notifications of deliveries, faxing to multiple recipients, and auto resend, among others. Sounds very nice, it might be worth giving it a try, I have not personally tried them, so any comment about them will be helpful.

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