Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fax Software for Mac Computers?

I know I talk a lot here about PC-based fax software, but if you have a Mac, you don’t have o lose hope! There are also options for these types of computers. One of them is Page-Sender, a cool application built for Ac users that will let you enter the World of paperless fax. You can read more about them at Pagesender homepage.

Another Option is 4 Sight Fax 7. Now these options have versions for both Pc and Mac, as a matter of fact on their website they say they were the first faxing solution to be integrated with Mac. If you have experience with these services, feel free to comment and leave help to other Mac users looking for a solid, reliable faxing software solution.

Other faxing programs for Mac include Faxelite Solo X, Coca eFax. You might want to do a little research online before trying an application. Or you can use fax services as I always say!

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