Monday, December 21, 2009

Sending Landline Fax to Email?

Can you send landline fax to email? Yes! It is entirely possible. Since the introduction of Web faxing, the World has opened many options when it comes to fax technology. The vast majority of fax software and services allow you to send landline fax to email by connecting your printing machine or fax machine to the computer. In the same manner, every email fax you sent, can be received by a landline fax machine on the other end to be printed normally like any traditional fax document.

The magic takes place at the time of conversion. When we talk about sending international fax, it is also possible with the use of an Internet fax software or service. Services, though charge an international fee that you should know about. Every provider has their own international faxing rates.

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lala said...

I do agree with you that, there is lots of options when it comes to fax technology. Sending landline fax to email seems cool. However, I don't use any international fax service now, since I don't think it is quite safe. I prefer to using some fax software and I am able to "Fax to Email" too.