Sunday, December 20, 2009

Software to Email Fax From Droid Phone

A friend of mine just bought a droid phone, and being a fax user, he asked me if there is any software for this type of phone. I have been searching on the Web and on magazines for such type of solution, and I have not found a single application that can do faxing for you.

If you are looking for software to email fax from a droid phone, you have the alternative to opt for Internet fax services. Today’s fax services grant you access to all your faxing via a Web dashboard, plus they give you instant notifications to your android phone. Prices are very affordable, starting with $10 a month in the best companies.

Here is a page where you can start by taking advantage of free trials by these services, including Ringcentral, MyFax and Rapidfax: Internet fax services.

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