Monday, December 28, 2009

Can I Send an Email to a Fax Machine?

Thanks to the advancements of technology, yes, you can send an email to a fax machine! Know however, that you will need something more than a simple email service, you’ll need a fax to email service or software.

This has become the most effective way to send and deliver faxes online with total ease. The “magic” of the process take place in the conversion. When you send an email to fax, the program or the service – through a fax server – will translate your email to a format readable by both other computers and faxing machines.

Different options handle the details differently, but in essence this is what permits to send an email to fax machine, and wall with 100% security and privacy. But well, isn’t it better to get hands-on experience on how this works? You can do it for free with some Internet faxing services for 30 days, check out the top services offering free trials.

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