Sunday, December 20, 2009

How to Send a Fax Through Email?

How to send a fax through email? That must be one of the most common questions for people starting in web faxing. Well, the good news is that sending a fax using electronic mail can be as easy as sending your every day mail. First you need to have an Internet fax service or fax to email software. On the recipient field you put the number according to the indications provided. For instance in some fax service companies, you just put

Then you need to attach the document which needs to be delivered, after attaching you write whatever you want to write on the body of the message, as this will be the cover page of the fax. Finally push send button, and it will reach its destination.

The option you choose, whether is an application or a service, will take care of the conversion and will translate your document to a file readable by other computers and fax machines.

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