Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fax Through Internet – Best Ways to Do It

If you want to send a fax through Internet, now you have a lot of different alternatives that can really help you, and in some cases you don’t even have to spend money. Let’s talk a little about your options and how you can take advantage of them:

First Option: Use Fax to Email Software

Fax to email software has been used for several years by businesses and individuals looking for a way to manage digital faxes.  You still can find very good applications for this purpose and they work just fine, but with the arrival of email fax services, many people have stopped using software. Part of the reason why this happened is because sometimes programs require a learning curve and machine requirements.

Second Option: Using an Email Fax Service

This second alternative to fax through Internet is the one that millions of people are using now (myself included!). Fax services are companies that let you send and receive faxes as digital files through email.  They work with multiple file types (so far the service with highest compatibility is MyFax with 142 supported files) and are compatible with all free email addresses, including Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo.

Each service gives you a virtual fax number that you can use to receive faxes in your inbox.  You have the option of choosing between a local and a toll-free number.

Fax over Internet services allow you to get started 100% free by using a 30-day free trial.  Using a free account is the perfect way to learn all about these services and witness their speed and quality (and send fax for free of course!). Below I have added links to the best free trials right now on the Web.

Third Option: Use a Free Fax Site

There are sites such as MyFax Free, FaxZero or GotfreeFax that let you send a couple of pages per day if what you need is to send occasional faxing.  This option is not recommended for businesses because these companies often include ads and don’t give you an alternative to receive fax over Internet in your computer.

Fax from Mac – How to Get Started

Mac users always have been sort of left behind when it comes to software, so back in the days of fax software, there were only a few options that were really helpful for Mac OS users.  Nowadays, if you want to fax from Mac, the best alternative is to use an email fax service.

Why an email fax service?

Email fax services help you fax using your email, and one of the best things about this technology is that it doesn’t take place inside your computer; the fax to email conversion takes place on the fax provider’s powerful fax server.  This means that you can use the same service on a Mac, Pc or a computer with a different operating system.  You only need a browser or email client and access to Internet.

Getting Started

To get started in Mac fax, you need to sign up for a fax service.  There’s no need to spend a single dime if you aren’t familiar with this technology.  Nowadays you can start for free with any service of your choice.  They offer the chance of opening a full-month free trial account, so you can see for yourself how a service works from your Mac.

There are many services that offer these types of trials.  I would recommend you to start with Ringcentral Fax’s free trial, as it is a reliable company with many interesting features, such as the ability to fax from Gmail, send fax from iPhone, fax scheduling and many more.

Are these services secure and reliable?

Yes, all email fax service have to comply with security standards and they work hard to make sure that your documents are 100% private, especially when we are talking about sensitive information, which is often transferred via fax.  You can get started faxing via Mac today!

Friday, February 3, 2012

How to Fax from Cell Phone

The ability to do things on-the-go is pretty important these days and with faxing technology there is no exception.  Now you can save a lot of time and money simply by integrating a cell phone faxing solution.

There are already some fax companies that are offering fax from cell phone applications.  Luckily, we are talking about some of the top companies out there on the Web. You need to first sign up with a fax account and then download the corresponding cell phone app for faxing.

What are the companies offering mobile faxing?

Below are the three services that offer corresponding apps for mobile users.  Test them out by opening a free trial account (links below) and from there sue your cell phone to download their corresponding fax apps. Let’s take a look at your options:

#1 Ringcentral Fax – Apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices, can also be integrated into their Ringcentral Mobile plan (fax + VoIP)

#2 MyFax - Apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.

#3 eFax  - Apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.

All of them allow you to receive fax on your cell phone, but only MyFax and eFax allow you to also compose and create fax. You have basically two options: you can type directly the message or you can use the phone’s camera feature to snap a pic of a document.  The app will then resize it and optimize it for perfect delivery.

Try out these cell phone fax services and tell us what you think!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fax from iPhone for FREE

Did you know that you can use your iPhone to send and receive faxes? In the last few years, some fax companies have started developing special apps that can turn our iPhones into virtual fax machines.  Learn how you can do it for free!

Step 1. To start we need to open en email fax account.  An email fax service will allow you to send faxes digitally and they will provide you with an Internet fax number (local or toll-free) that will allow you to receive faxes in a digital format from both computers and traditional fax machines.

For a limited time, the following services are offering 30-day free trials that will allow you to test the iPhone fax apps.

#2 MyFax
#3 eFax

Step 2.  Once you have created your fax account, it is time to download the corresponding fax application.  Remember that they will only work with an account on the same service.  Enter your login info and follow any initial configuration options.

Step 3. Now your iPhone is ready to receive incoming faxes.  So far, the three services listed above are the ones that offer alternatives for iPhone users, and eFax is the only one that actually allows you to compose and send faxes, using the camera feature of the iPhone.

To send a fax, you just fill out the necessary information, snap a photo of the document you wish to send and that’s it.

Now you know how to send and receive faxes via iPhone, turning it into a portable faxing machine.  Remember that these apps are free to download, and with a free trial account, there is no need in spending money to get started!  

These apps are also compatible with iPad, so you can also fax from iPad with zero issues.
Personally, I am using the RingCentral Fax app and I’m very happy with all the features.  It can even integrate VoIP with a mobile account. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gmail Fax - Start for FREE

Do you want to send and receive Gmail fax? You have arrived the right place on the Web! We have received multiple visits from people who want to know if they can fax using their Gmail accounts, so now we want to show you how to do it.  It’s actually very easy!

To start we need to open an email account with Gmail, one of the largest free email providers in the World, owned by Google.  This service is available in many countries around the World and is very easy to use.

With traditional faxing you used a phone line, but now you are going to use the power and speed of Internet.

Once you have a Gmail address, it is time to obtain an online fax number that will work with Gmail. These numbers are provided for free by email fax service companies. I have added here the top 3 currently on the market.


#2 MyFax

Sign up with one of them and you will get a local or toll-free fax number that will redirect incoming faxes to your Gmail account. The services listed above are 100% compatible with these addresses.

How to Send Gmail Fax Step by Step:

Step 1. Create a Gmail account for faxing purposes. If you already have one use it.  You may need to verify your address with a cell phone.

Step 2. Select an service to fax from Gmail.  For a limited time Ringcentral Fax is offering a FREE 30-day trial.  Opening a free account will let you enjoy ALL features of the faxing plan you choose for a full month.

At the moment of signing up, enter your Gmail address. This will enable you to receive Gmail fax on your inbox.

Step 3. Compose a new email in your Gmail account.

Step 4. Add the document you wish to fax as an attachment. In the message field you can add anything you want as a cover page.

Step 5.  Enter the recipient’s number in the TO field.  RingCentral Fax users will have to add the fax number like this: faxnumber@rcfax.om.

Step 6. Just click Send! Once you’ve finished the fax will travel to its destination in just a matter of seconds and you’ll receive a confirmation.

Finally, you may have heard about free online faxing.  Unfortunately, right now there is no 100% free service to send and receive Google fax. Learn more in this article.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

How to Recieve a Fax Via Email

If you want to learn how to receive a fax via email, you have it pretty easy. Nowadays there are pretty great options to do it without breaking a sweat. If you have been reading my latest posts, you’ll know I am a big fan of Internet faxing services; they cut the need of having to install software on every single machine you intend to use for faxing, as they can be managed via Web. Now, fax to email software is also useful, and has some pros we’ve talked about.

To receive a fax via email you need to link your fax account to your email account. Upon signing up with a service, you’ll receive your own Internet fax number free of charge. Using this number you can receive faxes from everyone. Whenever someone sends you a fax they’ll just use this number, and the information will be converted so it arrives as an attachment to your e-mail in the format of your choice, usually a PDF.

There’s not really more to it, it is extremely simple. If you are still confused, you can use a free trial to get started, you’ll find a list of sites offering free trials at Fax Through Internet Services.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Toll Free Fax Email Numbers

Today’s technology has allowed us to integrate many types of communication. Thanks to Internet faxing we have perfect communication through different mediums including e-mail, traditional fax machines, and phone lines. Toll free fax numbers are offered for free upon signing up with one of the Internet faxing services available on the Web.

Actually you have two options for an Internet fax number: a toll free number or a local number. The choice will depend on your particular needs of course, and you won’t have to deal with technicalities to link your number to your account, this is all take care of by the faxing company. We have mentioned before some of these companies, including Ringcentral Fax, RapidFax and MyFax they also offer a free trial for 30 days.

Ringcentral and MyFax are also offering numbers for Canadian users, covering many areas of the country.

Receiving a fax through a toll free fax email number is just the same as receiving a normal fax. The conversion of the document will take place, allowing you to receive the documents on your computer.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Individual Fax to Email Solution

An individual fax to email solution would be perfect for people who are interested in personal faxing, or in the case of freelancers who need to still have this form of communication in their business. Luckily, there are different option for individual faxing in the market nowadays.

You can find personal fax to email software for example. Among the programs aimed for this customer base we have EssentialFax and MightFax. These are to this date two of the strongest solutions for individuals looking to send and receive faxes.

On the other hand, you have the Internet fax services, which are pretty to use and set up, without the need of installing a program in your computer. If you prefer a portable, web-based fax to email solution, this is what you are looking for. As a service, they charge you a monthly fee, and you can find the most basic packages for individuals for as low as $9 a month. Among the faxing services we have RingcentralFax, MyFax, and RapidFax.

Which one to choose? That really depends on what you are looking for. The fax services above offer a free trial for potential customers so you can get started faxing now!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Can I Send an Email to a Fax Machine?

Thanks to the advancements of technology, yes, you can send an email to a fax machine! Know however, that you will need something more than a simple email service, you’ll need a fax to email service or software.

This has become the most effective way to send and deliver faxes online with total ease. The “magic” of the process take place in the conversion. When you send an email to fax, the program or the service – through a fax server – will translate your email to a format readable by both other computers and faxing machines.

Different options handle the details differently, but in essence this is what permits to send an email to fax machine, and wall with 100% security and privacy. But well, isn’t it better to get hands-on experience on how this works? You can do it for free with some Internet faxing services for 30 days, check out the top services offering free trials.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Open Source Fax to Email Software

Are you looking for free fax software? Open source software is just the same, it is developed for people to use free of charge, and they are a great alternative if you are short on money at the time. We can start with the software that comes included with Win XP! Yes, most people ignore they already have a faxing software.

“Go to Control Panel / Add Or Remove Programs / Add Remove Windows Components / put a tick in Fax Services. Then set it up with your user details.”

But there are more modern faxing solutions for your computer, including options such as HylaFax and Faxtastic 2.1, not oall of these options are the same, for example Hylafax might be too heavy for users wanting a simple faxing solution. Here is a page I found that can be pretty useful when finding this type of open source fax to email: