Monday, December 21, 2009

Open Source Java Fax to Email

Today, I’ll talk a little about a software solution that has been written in Java. Some visitors come to this little site looking for open source java to email, and I came across with this piece of software called RelayFax that could be useful. Well, that was at least until I came with conflicting information.

In RelayFax Open Source Project’s page, Java isn’t mentioned, instead, it says that it has been developed in C/C++, working in Windows OS.

However, there is another project that do seems to be developed to run in any Java 6.0 enabled platform. The name of the software is JHylaFAX, and it is a Java fax client:

“It is capable of sending faxes, displaying server status and received faxes. It has a small footprint, starts up fast and features a sleek user interface.”

You can learn more and download it here on its Sourceforge page.

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