Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fax Showdown! Internet Fax Services VS Fax Software

There is a lot of debate on which of these options is better for faxing. I think it is just a matter of convenience, and ultimately what use are you going to give the program or the service. Internet faxing can be accomplished with both and each one offers their own set of advantages.

For personal faxing, I incline towards the use of faxing services, since they are quicker to learn how to use and the prices are really low. I have been using services for quite some time and I’m really happy. Now, if you plan to use it on big scale, I think it is better to use something such as broadband fax software, which gives you more control and option when it comes to high volume of faxing.

Some services offer solutions for high-volume faxing, although I have no direct experience with them.

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