Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fax from Mac – How to Get Started

Mac users always have been sort of left behind when it comes to software, so back in the days of fax software, there were only a few options that were really helpful for Mac OS users.  Nowadays, if you want to fax from Mac, the best alternative is to use an email fax service.

Why an email fax service?

Email fax services help you fax using your email, and one of the best things about this technology is that it doesn’t take place inside your computer; the fax to email conversion takes place on the fax provider’s powerful fax server.  This means that you can use the same service on a Mac, Pc or a computer with a different operating system.  You only need a browser or email client and access to Internet.

Getting Started

To get started in Mac fax, you need to sign up for a fax service.  There’s no need to spend a single dime if you aren’t familiar with this technology.  Nowadays you can start for free with any service of your choice.  They offer the chance of opening a full-month free trial account, so you can see for yourself how a service works from your Mac.

There are many services that offer these types of trials.  I would recommend you to start with Ringcentral Fax’s free trial, as it is a reliable company with many interesting features, such as the ability to fax from Gmail, send fax from iPhone, fax scheduling and many more.

Are these services secure and reliable?

Yes, all email fax service have to comply with security standards and they work hard to make sure that your documents are 100% private, especially when we are talking about sensitive information, which is often transferred via fax.  You can get started faxing via Mac today!

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