Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gmail Fax - Start for FREE

Do you want to send and receive Gmail fax? You have arrived the right place on the Web! We have received multiple visits from people who want to know if they can fax using their Gmail accounts, so now we want to show you how to do it.  It’s actually very easy!

To start we need to open an email account with Gmail, one of the largest free email providers in the World, owned by Google.  This service is available in many countries around the World and is very easy to use.

With traditional faxing you used a phone line, but now you are going to use the power and speed of Internet.

Once you have a Gmail address, it is time to obtain an online fax number that will work with Gmail. These numbers are provided for free by email fax service companies. I have added here the top 3 currently on the market.


#2 MyFax

Sign up with one of them and you will get a local or toll-free fax number that will redirect incoming faxes to your Gmail account. The services listed above are 100% compatible with these addresses.

How to Send Gmail Fax Step by Step:

Step 1. Create a Gmail account for faxing purposes. If you already have one use it.  You may need to verify your address with a cell phone.

Step 2. Select an service to fax from Gmail.  For a limited time Ringcentral Fax is offering a FREE 30-day trial.  Opening a free account will let you enjoy ALL features of the faxing plan you choose for a full month.

At the moment of signing up, enter your Gmail address. This will enable you to receive Gmail fax on your inbox.

Step 3. Compose a new email in your Gmail account.

Step 4. Add the document you wish to fax as an attachment. In the message field you can add anything you want as a cover page.

Step 5.  Enter the recipient’s number in the TO field.  RingCentral Fax users will have to add the fax number like this:

Step 6. Just click Send! Once you’ve finished the fax will travel to its destination in just a matter of seconds and you’ll receive a confirmation.

Finally, you may have heard about free online faxing.  Unfortunately, right now there is no 100% free service to send and receive Google fax. Learn more in this article.

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