Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fax from iPhone for FREE

Did you know that you can use your iPhone to send and receive faxes? In the last few years, some fax companies have started developing special apps that can turn our iPhones into virtual fax machines.  Learn how you can do it for free!

Step 1. To start we need to open en email fax account.  An email fax service will allow you to send faxes digitally and they will provide you with an Internet fax number (local or toll-free) that will allow you to receive faxes in a digital format from both computers and traditional fax machines.

For a limited time, the following services are offering 30-day free trials that will allow you to test the iPhone fax apps.

#2 MyFax
#3 eFax

Step 2.  Once you have created your fax account, it is time to download the corresponding fax application.  Remember that they will only work with an account on the same service.  Enter your login info and follow any initial configuration options.

Step 3. Now your iPhone is ready to receive incoming faxes.  So far, the three services listed above are the ones that offer alternatives for iPhone users, and eFax is the only one that actually allows you to compose and send faxes, using the camera feature of the iPhone.

To send a fax, you just fill out the necessary information, snap a photo of the document you wish to send and that’s it.

Now you know how to send and receive faxes via iPhone, turning it into a portable faxing machine.  Remember that these apps are free to download, and with a free trial account, there is no need in spending money to get started!  

These apps are also compatible with iPad, so you can also fax from iPad with zero issues.
Personally, I am using the RingCentral Fax app and I’m very happy with all the features.  It can even integrate VoIP with a mobile account. 

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