Friday, February 3, 2012

How to Fax from Cell Phone

The ability to do things on-the-go is pretty important these days and with faxing technology there is no exception.  Now you can save a lot of time and money simply by integrating a cell phone faxing solution.

There are already some fax companies that are offering fax from cell phone applications.  Luckily, we are talking about some of the top companies out there on the Web. You need to first sign up with a fax account and then download the corresponding cell phone app for faxing.

What are the companies offering mobile faxing?

Below are the three services that offer corresponding apps for mobile users.  Test them out by opening a free trial account (links below) and from there sue your cell phone to download their corresponding fax apps. Let’s take a look at your options:

#1 Ringcentral Fax – Apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices, can also be integrated into their Ringcentral Mobile plan (fax + VoIP)

#2 MyFax - Apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.

#3 eFax  - Apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.

All of them allow you to receive fax on your cell phone, but only MyFax and eFax allow you to also compose and create fax. You have basically two options: you can type directly the message or you can use the phone’s camera feature to snap a pic of a document.  The app will then resize it and optimize it for perfect delivery.

Try out these cell phone fax services and tell us what you think!