Friday, December 19, 2008

Free Fax to Email

Are you looking for free fax to email options? Well, there are different sites that promise you to send faxes without a cost and even freeware (that is by the way, software that you never have to pay, and only subsists based on donations), but are they the right option? Maybe to some.

I remember while back searching for free fax to email options and being hopeless. There was one site – which I won’t mention, though it is easy to find – that promised to send free faxes, I think there was a limit of 3 faxes per IP or something like that. Well, as it turned out, this wasn’t a completely FREE choice, not in the pure sense anyway. Any time you faxed a document, it was preceded by a full page of advertisement for their paid service.

Luckily, I used it to fax a document to a relative, but just imagine if you send a document for your small business using this free fax to email service! First you’ll have to explain your customer or provider that you didn’t want to send that page, and second you’ll need to deal with some questions issues about whether your business is a serious one or not. I have yet to find free fax to email that is completely free, and useful.

The other option is using a free fax to email program. These programs as I said are developed thanks to good will and donations. Although these free fax to email options seem much better, they really aren’t, most of the programs are outdated and need some requirements like special modems. The majority of them are also not user friendly – with terrible interfaces and hard to use menus. They lack the polish of a great developed and designed software. However, if you get around it, you can take advantage of them.

Beware of some sites though. There are sites to download free fax software that surprise you with a tracking cookie and spyware. Yup, that’s the cost of free things.

If you want yet another free fax to email option, let me give it to you: use free trials. Internet based services often offer you free trials. I don’t use free fax nowadays but I remember being able to use a full 30-day trial for Ringcentral fax. I really don’t know if they offer it anymore, but it was great to both get used to Internet faxing and the possibilities of this new type of communication. Other companies offer free months, so if you have some cash, it would be cool to use one. These services that offer free fax to email as trial are really not expensive, although I guess that many would want to save every buck to survive the crisis. But well, monthly price is just $10 at most.

Click here for a list of email to fax free trials of 2012

Free fax to email, as you see is not as simple as it sounds. Sure, you may be able to find a warez version of a well-know fax to email software, but it doesn’t guarantee you anything, and it may come infected with a Trojan virus –I wouldn’t run that risk in my business computer. If you find a free fax to email option that is good, reliable and not spammy, drop me a comment here, I would love to spread the word so anyone who wants to send an occasional fax can use it. Because, yes, there are people who only want to send a fax once in a while, and it is not worth buying a program or subscribing to a monthly fax to email service.

Well, that’s everything for now on free fax to email. I hope you have some things clearer now and don’t forget to try free fax to email software for yourself. I can talk all I want but experience my friends… experience is priceless.

Have fun with free fax to email!

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