Friday, December 26, 2008

Fax to Email Software: Rightfax

Rightfax is a fax to email software offered by Captaris, one of the leading brands in this type of software. It is a software design to handle the effective flow of documents in a company, and allows easy sending of faxes through a secure and reliable way. This is also called an OpenText Fax Server and has different advantages.

First, Rapidfax helps reducing the cost of a company or business. It eliminates the need to use paper, machines and the implied maintenance. Now it all becomes more automated, cutting the need of spending extra money on “middle-way” stuff.

Then it helps you to save time. Remember when those old fax machines took too much minutes of your precious time? Well, not anymore with fax software. Rightfax knows that and have made their product very user friendly to allow easy sending of documents by all employees.

Security. Inside a company, security is very important when sending sensitive documents. It complies with all regulations of security and privacy, guaranteeing a 100% safe delivery of documents. This is a very important aspect you should look for when hunting for the right fax to email software for businesses.

If you are looking for a great company to research for your fax to email software, Captaris with Rightfax is one of the ones to start with. It is a fast reliable way of sending documents and easily integrates with your work environment. You can learn more about the product and ask questions about demos and support on Captaris place Online:

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