Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fax to Email Software – How It Works

Internet faxing is based mostly on the conversion fax-to-email / email-to-fax. This is what allows sending a document easily and with crisp clarity thanks to the use of fax to email software.

This conversion has proved pretty valuable. For small business and personal faxing, the software takes care of this, but of you want to use fax to email software on a big business situation, there are special fax servers capable of handling the big amount of information being transferred.

The document you want to fax is sent via e-mail as an attachment. This attachment is then converted in a TIFF format, readable by other fax software and by fax machines (yes, there are still people who use these big machines!). The conversion happens the other way when you receive a document via fax to email software.

Pretty simple idea. But you don’t have to understand everything to take advantage of Internet faxing. Not at all, however when searching for a fax to email software, you might be interested in learning more about the encryption and security, specially if you are faxing sensitive information. Just contact the support of any faxing software company and they will be glad to help you answering your questions. Doing a little homework can be pretty valuable in the future.

If attaching a document is too much for you, know that there are programs that can work directly form an application. For example if you are working with a document on Word, you can send it directly with just a push of a button. Later on we’ll talk more about the features of the best fax to email software, right now it is out of the scoop of the article. I hope you have understood better how this Internet faxing works.

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