Monday, December 29, 2008

Fax to Email Software Options

Are you interested in fax to email software options? Then read on. Nowadays the market of faxing software offers a great variety of options, many of them are great and offer superb quality, but others are simply far away from the standards expected on reliable faxing software. It is important to make the right decision when choosing our preferred fax software, and there are a variety of tools we can use for this purpose, such as free trials, which will give us hands-on experience with the program.

Among the most used fax programs we have Rightfax, a product developed by Captaris and aimed mostly at enterprises that can easily reduce communications costs and improve speed just by implementing software. Other of the programs is GfiFax Maker; this faxing program gives you the advantage of quit faxing manually and upgrade to the new way of delivering documents. Unlike Rightfax, GFI Fax is aimed more at small business and individuals who can enjoy many benefits such as integration with PDAs and mobile devices, integration with common Windows applications, automated fax delivery and more.

These are two great options for fax software, however in case you prefer Internet based services, you can also enjoy the power of services provided by companies such as Ringcentral and MyFax. These are great web based services, this means that you access them the same way you access your online email account (such as Gmail or Hotmail), and you don’t buy a program, instead you pay a monthly fee that will include a default number of faxes to send and receive. If you want to go beyond the fax limit you pay a fee per document. If you are new to the World of Internet faxing / fax software, I believe this is the best way to start. Not only it is more convenient, but also Ringcentral for example offers a free 30 day trial that I think is more than enough to help you get acquainted to Internet faxing.

MyFax is another cool service that offers also a trial and allows you to use proprietary fax to email software that integrates into most Windows applications. So for example, if you are typing a document in Word, you can immediately fax it with a push of a button, no need to enter programs in the middle of the document sending flow.

So as you see, these are a few of your fax to email software options: desktop based and Internet based. You have to test both and see which one fits better for your type of faxing.

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