Friday, February 20, 2009

Internet Faxing Is Here to Stay

Fax to email software is really a time and money saver. Many people fail to realize that because they just don’t get the chance to try the alternatives. And well, as a matter of fact, it is not only software that I’m talking about, but also service, and Internet faxing in general. Nowadays when I look back to those days when I was stuck with traditional faxing, I ask myself “How could I have been losing so much time without knowing it?”.

If you are still unsure whether to try or not fax to email software, here you will find lots of info you know that. But if you are interested maybe in email to fax services, you can find a great resource with a huge list of fax service providers here: Complete List of Email Fax Services, this is one of the most extensive resources I’ve checked out on this subject.

You see, you have to contemplate your options, especially during these tough economic times. As I said in a post earlier on this year, you can save up to 89% of money you spend right now with traditional faxing. Think about it, that may be a lot of money that you better invest in other areas of your business or your life. When this same situation translates to big companies, the savings can be really huge!

So, Internet faxing is here to stay. Standing in half-way between email and traditional faxing, it offers the conveniences of both worlds. Why do I bring the topic of Internet fax services? Well, recently I had to travel and couldn’t bring my laptop with me so I couldn’t enjoy my fax software’s work. I signed with a cool company you may have heard about: Ringcentral Fax, looking for a portable solution for faxing.

It worked extremely well. Now, I’ve grown accustomed to my software but I’m really considering giving Ringcentral a try. A try? Well yes! I didn’t have to pay for the time I used it, thanks to the fact that the guys over at Ringcentral allow you to try their faxing service completely free for one month. I’m really excited about how these faxing services have evolved and now are user friendly and easy to use. I will post later my experience with Ringcentral Fax, and maybe other services (I’ve heard that MyFax also offers a free trial”)

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