Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fax to Email Software or Internet Fax Services?

When you first enter the world of Internet faxing, you find that there are basically two options or ways to send your documents. One is the use of fax to email software, and the other is the use of special services that don’t require any installation in your computer. The dilemma then arrives, as to whether one or the other is the best.

This dilemma seems to get bigger as we find that within each option we have big variety of offers and products.

So, the best way to start, is by answering the following questions:

“How much volume of faxing will I be doing?”
“Is this for a small or big company?”

These two questions will put you in the right direction to make the right choice. On one hand we have fax to email software (also called simply fax software), this is a solution that requires a little learning curve, and computer configuration, etc. It also needs to be installed on every computer you want to send a fax from, but this fax to email software also gives you complete control over your communications. In the setting of a big company who does heavy faxing, fax to email software may also be the best option, specially by integrating fax servers, able to handle big amounts of documents.

On the other hand, Internet faxing services are more convenient and simpler to use. They are used in the same manner you use a web based email service like Yahoo or Gtalk. These services upon signing up with them will give you a number to receive faxes (this Internet fax number is either local or toll-free) and have the advantage of being accessible anywhere as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection. Many of these companies can be found on an Internet fax service review.

You need to take into consideration also what added benefits you wish to enjoy, for example some fax to email software options offer fax broadcasting capabilities, and Internet fax services also have a service that notifies you to your cell phone or PDA of any incoming fax, so you can access them “on the go”.

For many of you, pricing will also be very important in your final choice. The cheapest way to start is with an Internet fax service if you plan to do light-faxing. You can find companies with offers for as low as $3.95 a month and from that find more costly options with more benefits and number of faxes to send/receive per month.

In the field of fax to email software, you will also find different prices, the more expensive options are geared towards big companies and businesses, you can find really affordable fax programs for individuals and small businesses that provide you all the tools to start faxing without the need of a fax machine. By the way – both options are way cheaper than using a fax machine!

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